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Bentonite Clay Wash

It’s been a while. And once again I apologize.
It’s just been a busy couple of months (I’m an Aunty now by the way. Yayyy me) but i have actually been getting stuff done so my next couple of posts would be from the past. Just wanna catch up to what I’m doing right now.

So I walked into the L’Espace beauty bar (Olosa Str, off Karimu Kotun, VI) and found out they carry Kinky Apothecary products. Yayyyy!!!
So I got 2 packs of Henna and 1 of Bentonite Clay.
I’ve heard a lot about using clays/mud to wash/cleanse your hair and I must say I was very interested.
Bentonite clay draws out toxins. Something about positive and negative charges (can you tell how much I don’t love chemistry?) So it basically clings to dirt and build up and so when you wash it out, the dirt and toxins get washed out as well.
Some people apparently even drink/eat it to detoxify their insides (this is the point where I feel the need to put in a disclaimer. I’m not an expert or even close. If you want to eat/drink anything, please make sure it has nothing to do with this statement. Do your research and consult a medical practitioner! Thanks!)

That weekend (after much research on Natural hair blogs) I got to it.
In a bowl, I mixed the bentonite clay (100g) with apple cider vinegar and aloe Vera gel. I didn’t measure. Just kept adding till it was a spreadable consistency.



After finger detangling and sectioning my hair, I proceeded to apply the clay. Just went line by line in each section until my whole head was covered.
Even had enough left over for my face 🙂


Rinsed out in the shower. This took quite a while to make sure it was all out.
My hair felt fabulous afterwards. All soft and silky and clean (not that dry squeaky feeling) and awesome.
Actually didn’t even use a conditioner to detangle in the shower.

Rubbed in some of my Shea butter mix (Shea butter, aloe Vera gel and oils like coconut, castor and avocado) and braided my hair in 4(?) large plaits to air dry.
Covered with a satin bonnet and went to bed.

Had my hair in a high puff all week.

L’Espace is located at No 19 Olosa Street, off Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Check out the following links for more info on Bentonite clayCurlyNikki
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She Did It!!!!

After 9 months of transitioning, my dear sister Jumie finally did THE BIG CHOP *insert applause*
She’s now a 100% natural haired belle.


For the transition period, she was mostly in protective styles such as cornrows, braids and twists (with extensions).
She uses a lot of Shea butter, Coconut, Castor and Jojoba oil (all from Vanity Oils 🙂 )
I’m soooo happy she’s done it and joined me on this journey.



Simply cos purple is so cool 😊



Ponytail Rock

My hair. My mane of hairdom. The forest of hair on my head. It has reached a new level of awesomeness.

With a single hair tie and no struggling, my hair can be packed up in a single ponytail-like thing.
There isn’t an actual ‘tail’ to it, so lets just leave it as a ‘pony’.

Anyways. I’m super happy about this. My hair IS actually growing so I must be doing something right 🙂

I’ve even made attempts at styling it a couple of times. Who would have thunk it? My hair is style-able without the help of extensions or a flat iron. Yayyyy






The beautiful and multi talented Solange Knowles gets the spotlight today. Shes a musician, model, DJ and a mom.

She did the big chop in 2009 (Yes I had to google that) and has been rocking her natural hair since then her way.


Inspiration- Erykah Badu

erykah-badu-window-seat The 9th Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards - Press Room Erykah Badu DJ's at PM Lounge in Dallas, TX, on Dec. 17, 2010. erykah-badu--large-msg-129278034874 erykah-badu-240 erykah-badu-4f53efb310046 Erykah-Badu2 erykah badu op norh sea jazz 2001 foto robert van stuyvenberg c. Erykah-Badu1 Erykah-BaduErykahBadu©JuliaSchoierer-500x403   Erykah-Badu (2) Erykah-Badu (1) Erykah+Badu Erykah_Badu8 erykah_badu-2 Erykah Baduerykah_badu (1)erykah_badu_umvd007 erykah badu 130608  Erykah Badu_02-28-20126erykah_badu

This is one lady that isn’t afraid to stand out of the crowd.
Shes constantly mixing things up and trying new things. From her afros to locs to straight hair and buns… and her turbans!!!!
I absolutely love this beautiful multi award winning artist.

Pure Essence

In my last post, I mentioned some new products I was trying out.

While in Ghana- on one of many hunts for new restaurants- I came across a store that sold natural products. The sign in front advertised their soaps and oils in particular.
There was no way I wasn’t going to investigate. I walked in and I was definitely impressed.
They have such a wide range of products and they are all natural. Woop!
Soaps, oils, butters, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, candles and other things.
I got their Shea hair shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate free 😃, no weird chemicals as far as I can tell.


Pure Essence Shea Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Ingredients for shampoo- aqua (water), soap base (made from lye and fat/oil), Shea butter, geranium (a flowering plant, great for dry and damaged hair), nettle, comfrey, tea tree and peppermint.
Ingredients for conditioner- aqua, soap base, Shea butter, rosemary, tea tree and peppermint.
Gave them a try a couple of weeks ago and I was quite happy with the results.
The shampoo is watery but does a great job at getting the hair clean without giving it that squeaky feel. I would definitely be using it again.
The conditioner was just okay. Nothing spectacular. I would give it another try and see how it goes.

Visit them at Pure Essence

All puffed up


My very first real puff. Woooop!!!!

*Doing a bunch of dance steps in random order*


I do consider this a milestone.

Natural Hair meet up



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