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Once again I find myself stating the obvious fact that its been a while since I’ve been on here and the same reasons (excuses?) apply- super busy with work, studying, business, friends, life in general.
Its all true but what’s also true is that I pretty much got tired of my hair at some point. This wasn’t the first time I’d felt that way and the solution was usually a long term (1-2months) protective style such as braids with extensions. The problem this time was that I was already in braids.
So I wasn’t even seeing or handling my hair and I was fed up with it. Nothing seemed right with it. My hair isn’t ‘soft as a cloud’ no matter what I do or put in it. Its just never been and I really want soft, natural hair.
I also get dandruff once in a while and I have NO clue why. AND I’ve tried so many remedies to get rid of it but it always comes back.
The thought of my shrunken curls (kinks, more like) was also not helping things.
All in all, I got into the ‘natural hair isn’t for everyone’, everyone being me, frame of mind and decided to make a change.
I read all I could find on texturizing and texlaxing. I also watched videos on the application and results. In the end, I decided I’d texturize my hair and colour it.
Headed to some salon my mums been raving about and left there with my hair still natural. I couldn’t do it.
I love my hair natural. Its not perfect but its mine so I’m gonna stick with it.
So I’m back now. More posts coming up. I hope you find them useful and (dare I say?) entertaining.






Love natural hair illustrations


I hear a picture is worth a thousand words

Ponytail Rock

My hair. My mane of hairdom. The forest of hair on my head. It has reached a new level of awesomeness.

With a single hair tie and no struggling, my hair can be packed up in a single ponytail-like thing.
There isn’t an actual ‘tail’ to it, so lets just leave it as a ‘pony’.

Anyways. I’m super happy about this. My hair IS actually growing so I must be doing something right 🙂

I’ve even made attempts at styling it a couple of times. Who would have thunk it? My hair is style-able without the help of extensions or a flat iron. Yayyyy





Scalp Scrub

Last weekend, I did my very first scalp scrub. I’d read a couple of articles on this online and decides to give it a go.

It’s basically exfoliating your scalp and has a lot of benefits
It removes dead skin cells
Promotes blood circulation in your scalp which promoted growth
It cleanses your scalp by removing build up
It helps relieve dandruff and itchy scalp

What I did:
1. In a small bowl, I combined 2 tablespoons of granulated cane sugar with extra virgin olive oil. Don’t pour in too much oil so you don’t end up dissolving the sugar not should be a paste

2. Divided my hair into 6 sections and working on each section, I applied the paste to my scalp rubbing very gently.

3. When I had worked through my entire head, I let it sit for about 30mins (just because) and then proceeded to shampoo and condition as usual


Gone Is The Heat

Last night, I gave out my blow dryer.

I think this would be the first time in about 10years that I don’t have some sort of heating tool for my hair- no flat iron, curling rod or blow dryer.

I did it for a couple of reasons:
1. I wasn’t really using it so why hold on to something you’re not using.

2. It was kinda tempting having it around. Every time I wash my hair, I find myself considering a ‘quick’ blow dry just to stretch out my hair a bit better. I haven’t succumbed so far and I don’t want to so I figured if it wasn’t available to me, it couldn’t tempt me.


Rub a dub scrub

I had been rocking my ‘faux locs’ for a couple of weeks when the itching started. First it was something I could ignore but I caught my fingers in my hair a couple of times and knew it was time to do something about it.

I turned to my trusty pals- Google and YouTube, for help. I got a LOT of info about cleaning your hair while in braids or locs. I decided to go with the Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar approach.

What you will need:
Baking soda
Apple cider vinegar- 1 cup
A very soft toothbrush (I used a baby’s toothbrush)
Hair ties

What to do:
Tie up your braids/locs in a loose ponytail.


Mix the baking soda with water until you get a light paste.

Remove one braid at a time from the ponytail to work with. This would ensure you don’t miss a spot. Using the toothbrush, apply a little bit of the baking soda paste to your scalp and scrub gently.

When you’ve gotten to every braid its time to rinse it out.


 Mix the Apple cider vinegar with 2-3cups of water and apply to your scalp.
Rinse thoroughly with water and let your hair dry.

I applied a mix of Jojoba and tea tree oil to my scalp afterward.

The itching was gone and I had the locs in for another month with no itching at all.

Too Cute!!!

I’ve dubbed this AFRO WALL
Its sooooo cute


The beautiful and multi talented Solange Knowles gets the spotlight today. Shes a musician, model, DJ and a mom.

She did the big chop in 2009 (Yes I had to google that) and has been rocking her natural hair since then her way.


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