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Curiosity wont kill this cat

Jan 26th. That was the last time I relaxed my hair. Not so long after, I decided natural hair seemed exciting.

I bumped into a high school friend a bit ago and she was rocking her naturally curly hair. She looked incredible. So I asked her some basic questions- What was the biggest problem and maintenance? Did I have to cut my hair? She answered my questions and gave me some tips. Thanx Tega, @FashionDiva.

With that boost of confidence in hand I consulted my friend, Google. That was how came into my life.

Id advice any and everyone interested in natural African hair to head to this site. From maintenance rules, to styling tips, hair regimen advice, products, advice for transitioners, etc. they have it all. Thanx to their team for the confidence boost J

I also found stuff on Wikipedia about history, culture, etc.

Next stop… my dearest sister. She went all natural a while back and then suddenly showed up with relaxed hair. Why? Could it really be so difficult? Apparently, it was much simpler than that. She was on some chicks bridal train and the bride insisted that she relax her hair (Can I hear a ‘Huh! What?’). That bride must be very… (what’s the word?) special. No further comment.

On to twitter… ‘I’m thinking about chopping my hair off and going natural’. Boy! Did I get replies on that one. The replies were basically two opinions.

Opinion 1: ‘OMG No!’ ‘Don’t!’ ‘Why?’ ‘No way!’ ‘You can’t!’ ‘I’ll kill you if you try it!’

Opinion 2: ‘Rly? Cool! I was considering it myself’ ‘I’m natural now, it’s awesome’

Thanx tweetfam.

Oh! By the way, I should mention that I have hair, good hair. Longish, growing, healthy, full hair. So this is def not a “nothing else seems to be working” decision. This is more like a “Oh natural hair! Sounds interesting and I haven’t tried that before”. Besides, I’m bored with relaxed hair, I’ve braided, done weaves, cut it short, had it long, dyed it purple… there’s only so much you can do to hair. So natural is my newest thing.

Truthfully, I don’t remember EVER having natural hair. My mum was sharp with the relaxer. Lol. I just imagined me, as a child, in tears on my mothers lap as she struggles to brush my hair. Hahaha. Those of you that know my mum know she doesn’t have that sorta time.

When I told my Mamma I’m going natural, she gave me this weird look and said… ‘You want to do dreads abi’. I think dreadlocks on any of her children is in the top 10 of her worst nightmares.

Last Sunday, while doing my thing @ LPM (Le Petit Marche), I spotted Ada Ogunkeye. I really don’t know her but I’ve spotted her at a couple of market events rocking her natural hair. She owns/runs ‘Ours by Juliada’. They make natural products for hair and body. So I walked up to her to ask about her hair. I left that conversation with a number of things

She knows her thing. I always thought her hair was pretty short till she stretched it out for me to see. Mehn! Shrinkage is not a friendly concept. Her blog is really cool, a lot of tips and such.

Being the chicken that I am, I couldn’t muster the courage to cut my hair. So I decided to braid it (kinky braids) to get a bit of growth in before I embark on the Big Chop.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a flyer by Natural Saturdays. I bought body butter from them a while ago. Truthfully, I never used it. Not cos it isn’t a good product or wteva but I totally suck at all these body stuff. I’m the type of person who uses lotion on my limbs if they’re gonna show. And that’s about as far as I go with all them body moisturizers, lotions, creams, etc. But they also do hair stuff and luckily they have a blog. So I headed there.

At some point, I was directed to YouTube. Blackonyx77. She has vids on tips for natural hair. First one I watched was about straightening your hair without heat. It’s a process called banding. You use hair bands to stretch out the hair basically.

I think I can end this now. My first post. Yayyyyy.

In case it isnt totally obvious, im REALLY excited to embark on this journey.


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