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She Did It!!!!

After 9 months of transitioning, my dear sister Jumie finally did THE BIG CHOP *insert applause*
She’s now a 100% natural haired belle.


For the transition period, she was mostly in protective styles such as cornrows, braids and twists (with extensions).
She uses a lot of Shea butter, Coconut, Castor and Jojoba oil (all from Vanity Oils 🙂 )
I’m soooo happy she’s done it and joined me on this journey.



10 Natural Hair Care Tips To Give The Natural Lady Healthy Hair

10 Natural Hair Care Tips To Give The Natural Lady Healthy Hair.

Can I go out like this?

There comes a time in a girls life when she looks at herself and wonders… If I see someone else in this outfit/shoes/make-up/hairstyle/shade of lipstick/combination of colors/length (or lack of) of skirt/(stopping now before this takes over the article) would I like the look?
Well that’s exactly what I’m going through right this minute. I’m attending a wedding tomorrow and well I kinda don’t wanna look like a mess. That brings me to my hair.
Its been in two-strand twists for about 2 weeks now and the twists have kinda reached breaking point so I’ve taken them out with hopes for an awesome 2nd day twist-out.
The first day doesn’t look so promising. Is that a sign of things to come? I dunno. Hopefully not though. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for fabulous hair in the morning.

Vanity Oils

I love it when things work out great.

When I started my natural hair journey, Google was my best friend. And one thing that kept popping up was oils. There were so many out there and when it came to finding them… Wahala!
I could only get coconut and extra virgin olive oil. Found grape seed oil at a pharmacy and some essential oils at prices that would break the bank.
So I had an idea to get these oils and supply them. My best friend, Tomi had the same idea and we brainstormed and Vanity Oils was formed.

We had our launch at LPM (GET Arena) on the 23rd and it went really well. Just confirmed that we weren’t the only ones looking for these oils.

Our stockpile includes aloe vera, sweet almond, avocado, castor, coconut, grape seed, jojoba, extra virgin olive, sunflower, cedar, cinnamon, clary sage, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary and tea tree oils as well as shea butter.

Email for a copy of our catalog or call us on 07030306302 and 07034250239. And visit for more info

Natural Hair meet up



Twist & Locs

I’m in Ghana presently and I’ve made the most wonderful discovery- a natural hair salon called Twist & Locs.
Of course I had to check it out. Was there earlier today. Took out my oh-so-tired plaits (aka cornrows. They were begging to come out), washed and conditioned my hair then twisted it.
I’d just like to say ‘its the simple things’. Compared to my last (and every other since I’ve gone natural) visit to the salon, this seemed like a fairytale.
For a natural girl in a hair salon that typically caters to relaxed hair, its easy to feel like the ugly duckling. I’m not sure what it is exactly, maybe its the way the stylists grumble/look scared/act like they’re doing you a favor or the conversation (more like debate) on why your hair is natural and how much stress it must be. It might just be the way it seems like the stylist is battling with your hair and has decided the blow dryer is her best friend. *sigh*
My experience today was therapeutic. My plaits were taken out. My hair washed and detangled so fast I couldn’t believe it. Then twisted. I loved every moment of it. Wish I lived in Ghana. Better yet, I wish someone would open up such a salon in Lagos.
So if anyone knows someone that knows someone, please make a suggestion. We natural girls would be forever grateful. Thank you Twist & Locs.


Till this evening’ I’ve had a really good week hair wise. Enjoyed having my hair out and got some compliments (Yayyyy me 🙂 ) and some (1 actually) complaints.
Last Wednesday I loosened kinky braids I’d had for 2 months 🙂 . I put in a mix of conditioner and olive oil 30 mins before I started loosening and it was great. Hardly and breakage and my hair was super soft. Washed with black soap, deep conditioned and put it in twists. Took out the twists on Saturday cost I was going out and my hair looked awesome 🙂

My daily routine has been to basically mist with a water (distilled), aloe Vera gel and glycerin, rub in a minute quantity of coconut oil then shea butter. I do this a couple of times a day.
Today I decided to wash my hair, travelling on Thursday, don’t wanna stress myself out on Wednesday so I coated my hair with conditioner (same conditioner I used last week), washed with black soap, put in some more conditioner and rinsed out.

The result was gunk. And by gunk, I mean some whitish thing speckling my hair. So I decided to rinse out again with hotter water, got marginally better. Washed again with shampoo and it got a lot better but wasn’t totally clear so I washed again.

I don’t know what caused it 😥
I don’t want alien material in my hair.
What I’ve done differently recently is that since Sunday, insrptead of just coconut oil, I’ve used a mix of coconut, olive, grapeseed, avocado and jojoba (pronounced hohoba) oils. Haven’t had a problem with it.

I also decided to try my eco styler gel this evening. I basically rubbed it through my hair just before I put in the conditioner, that’s probably the culprit 😦 At least I hope it is.

PS the sun has meant business the past couple of days

What is VS What’s gonna be

Every time I refer to my hair, whether in my thoughts or out loud, I refer to the future.
Statements like "When my hair is so and so length it’ll be so fabulous" or "I can’t wait for my hair to be longer" and such.
It seems like I’m in this for the length. This got me thinking a whole lot.
Truthfully, my hair right now is not my favorite look and I’ll tell anyone who asks.
What if my hair is listening?
I know that sounds silly but I’m sure we all realize the importance of self perception. If I don’t feel I look great, why should anyone else? In that same train on thought, if I don’t appreciate my hair right now, can it ever be appreciated by me or anyone else?

I’ve been natural for over 3 months now but I doubt I’ve actually had MY hair out for more than 2 weeks (if its up to that). Using protective styling as an excuse, I’ve been hiding my hair from the world and from my self 😦

What if I never have long hair again? Would I turn to a relaxer then or what? When I chopped off my hair I obviously wasn’t thinking about how long my hair would be so why am I doing that now. I went natural cos I love how it looks, I fell in love with the idea of a chemical free relationship with my hair. I have that now, and I’m grateful. I don’t need a miracle growth serum for my hair before I can love it. I love it now. Always have, always will.

I’m determined to make amends.

My hair is fabulous.


Its been 12 days since my BC (Big Chop). 5 months, 29 days since my last relaxer.

Last week, I treated my hair to an out-of-the-fridge deep condition. I got the recipe online at and it included mayonnaise, honey, olive oil and eggs.

It wasn’t the nicest looking or smelling concoction I’d seen and I had to put it in my hair. I put it in and kept it on for roughly 2 hours then rinsed it out. I would love to say a miracle happened and my hair was super soft or grew right in front of my eyes or something just as wonderful but we’re in the real world. I did notice though that my hair didn’t seem to be fighting with me when I combed it. And that’s a victory in my book so I’d definitely do it again.

I also tried a twist out. This involves doing two strand twists all over your hair (also known as ajankolokolo according to some friends) and leaving them on for a while then loosening them. The result is beautiful curls in your hair.

I started them on Thursday night. After washing and conditioning my hair, I let it air dry. Then I mixed leave-in conditioner with shea butter and rubbed into my hair. Then I started the twists. After I parted the bit I wanted to twist I applied a foaming wrap lotion, which is kinda like a liquidish mousse, then twisted. I got about halfway before I was unbearably tired and went to bed. I completed the rest on Friday. I loosened it on Saturday.

The result wasn’t quite as fabulous as I’d expected but it worked. Got a lot of compliments *iBlush*


People had crazy reactions to my hair. I knew it was a big deal cutting my hair but come on…

Apart from the typical ‘OMG! You cut you hair’ responses, I also got the following

‘Its because you’re fine. If you weren’t you wouldn’t do this’

‘This is just inconsiderate- its we, your friends, that have to look at you. You don’t have to look at yourself’

‘If you’re with a guy he wouldn’t know if he’s rubbing his head or yours’

‘I’m not happy you did this but the deed has been done so *insert bbm not talking smiley*’

‘You look like a school girl’

And from my mum, ‘I’m disappointed’. Truthfully, I wasn’t surprised at that one. I knew she really wouldn’t like it. I mean I actually hid my hair from her for a whole week before showing her.

Surprisingly, some people took it VERY calmly.

The most shocking one was probably my friend Tola. I showed her my hair and she goes ‘Oh yeah, you cut it’. The End. Lol.

My brother, Kwesi- don’t remember his exact words but it was a version of ‘Wow!!! Awesome!!!’. He can’t stop touching my hair now.

My sister, Jumie- she was just excited. Sent her pics when it was being cut so she was the first to know.

Then I got versions of ‘Yayyy!!! Finally’, ‘You look good’ and such.

Someone else said ‘I know you’ll still look pretty so it doesn’t matter’

‘You’re so lucky, a whole new look- that’s awesome’

And best of all, my dad actually SAID he loves it. Those who have met my dad know that is a HUGE deal.

All in all, I guess people just get used to it and don’t give me as much grief anymore.

A friend asked if I like it. I told her the truth- its probably not my best look but I can work with it.


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