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Ponytail Rock

My hair. My mane of hairdom. The forest of hair on my head. It has reached a new level of awesomeness.

With a single hair tie and no struggling, my hair can be packed up in a single ponytail-like thing.
There isn’t an actual ‘tail’ to it, so lets just leave it as a ‘pony’.

Anyways. I’m super happy about this. My hair IS actually growing so I must be doing something right 🙂

I’ve even made attempts at styling it a couple of times. Who would have thunk it? My hair is style-able without the help of extensions or a flat iron. Yayyyy






Rub a dub scrub

I had been rocking my ‘faux locs’ for a couple of weeks when the itching started. First it was something I could ignore but I caught my fingers in my hair a couple of times and knew it was time to do something about it.

I turned to my trusty pals- Google and YouTube, for help. I got a LOT of info about cleaning your hair while in braids or locs. I decided to go with the Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar approach.

What you will need:
Baking soda
Apple cider vinegar- 1 cup
A very soft toothbrush (I used a baby’s toothbrush)
Hair ties

What to do:
Tie up your braids/locs in a loose ponytail.


Mix the baking soda with water until you get a light paste.

Remove one braid at a time from the ponytail to work with. This would ensure you don’t miss a spot. Using the toothbrush, apply a little bit of the baking soda paste to your scalp and scrub gently.

When you’ve gotten to every braid its time to rinse it out.


 Mix the Apple cider vinegar with 2-3cups of water and apply to your scalp.
Rinse thoroughly with water and let your hair dry.

I applied a mix of Jojoba and tea tree oil to my scalp afterward.

The itching was gone and I had the locs in for another month with no itching at all.


The beautiful and multi talented Solange Knowles gets the spotlight today. Shes a musician, model, DJ and a mom.

She did the big chop in 2009 (Yes I had to google that) and has been rocking her natural hair since then her way.


Faux Locs :-)

Guess who’s got locs now?

Meeeeeee!!!!! *jumping around excitedly*

Well they’re not real locs. These are tres cute faux locs. I spent the new year holiday in the home of my forefathers aka Ghana.

I was directed to a salon by the person I’d seen the style on (weirdest thing- I have NO CLUE the name of the salon. All I know it was in a Total filling station close to Spintex road).

I should mention I’d taken out kinky twists, washed and deep conditioned on the 30th of December and had been going around in 5 huge braids hidden under a scarf.
The night before my salon appointment, I dampened the braids and rubbed Shea butter through my hair. Then covered with a disposable shower cap which I didn’t remove till I got to the salon, at which point my hair was humid and easy to work with. I did this cos I wasn’t sure if the stylists knew how to handle natural hair so this sorta makes the job easier for them.

Back to the salon. I sat in a very comfy chair and the stylist got to work. She loosened each braid, spraying with water, combing through with a wide tooth comb and then stretching with a blow dryer set on low heat. All this was done with no input from me. I always find it so fascinating how all 4 salons I’ve visited in Ghana so far have stylists that know at least the basics of treating natural hair while their Nigerian counterparts are pretty clueless. That’s a story for another day.


Yayyyyyy my hair has grown. Whooooop!!!!!

She then did ‘pick and drop’ and ‘zipped’ my hair using kinky extensions. Pick and drop is a popular style where hair extensions are braided with your hair only to a certain length of about 1 inch and the the rest of the extension is left loose. Zipping (a new concept I just learned) is when the stylist sorta compresses your hair while braiding with extensions so your hair length is much shorter than usual. More on that when I understand it.

Each braid was then wrapped in more kinky extensions (threading technique) until the full length is covered.



Locs complete.

To style it, she basically freestyled it by twisting the locs over themselves and wrapping them securing by sewing them with a needle and thread.

Final result:




I absolutely looove this style.
I’ve even got a number of people coming up to me to compliment me 🙂

Maintenance- the stylist said to use products sparingly in order to avoid build up and I should clean and change the style after a month. Seems its a long term kinda thing. Would see how it goes


Spotted any interesting protective styles lately? Let me know.

Hair pins

For the past 6 weeks, my hair has been in kinky twist. I really enjoyed having them in. Extremely low maintenance- I just sprayed my roots with a mix of avocado oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, glycerin and water (All oils courtesy Vanity Oils
But eventually, I just really missed my own hair. So I took out the twists.
Started on Thursday (just took out the back cos of work on Friday), went on to Friday and the early hours of Saturday. I was really tired after work on Friday so I really took my time loosening the twists. I loosened it in sections and then braided the section when I was done. Then I went straight to bed.


On Saturday morning I took out each braid, put some V05 conditioner on it and detangled with a wide tooth comb. After this, my hair was in 3 sections.


Headed to the shower to attempt washin my hair in sections once again. Didn’t pan out. So I gave up on that, washed as usual and then applied my deep conditioner (mayonnaise, honey and avocado oil). I put on my plastic shower cap and then put cotton wool at the edges to handle drips and wrapped in a towel. I left it that way for about 2 hours then cowashed. Detangled again and braided in sections. I let that air dry and in the evening I loosened each braid and put in Bantu knots (I two strand twisted and then wrapped the twist around itself). I used my Shea butter mix on each section before twisting.




Reality (Monday morning)


The situation was quickly salvaged by a multitude of hair pins (God bless whoever created them)


Not a good start to the week

Goodbye Dandy

I recently got my hair done in kinky twists and I loooove them. They’re shorter than I usually do them but the length has grown on me.


Some background info about me and braids or twists- EVERY single time I’ve gotten my hair done in braids or twists, I got dandruff. Every single time. Anytime between a day and 2 weeks after I get them done.
As you can imagine, this has been extremely annoying to say the least.

But guess what?
I’ve had these twists in for 2 days and no sign of the pesky flakes of annoyanceness (I’ve permitted myself to form new words).

Thanks to Vanity Oils I found a solution.

Right after I got my hair braided, I made myself a mix. In my spray bottle I added avocado oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil and distilled water (distilled just seems safer, il get the exact reason later).
I spray this mix into my hair, focusing on my scalp up to the point my own hair stops in the twist (no point wasting the goodness of my mix on fake hair that won’t be affected). I do this at least once a day, sometimes twice.

The mix may not look like the nicest thing on earth but it obviously agrees with me. Yayyyyy!!!

Wedding Bells

The wedding was a huge success.
I’m so happy for the newlyweds, Mr & Dr (Mrs) Yankson.

And a huge thank you to everyone who made it. We greatly appreciate it.

Biggest thanks to Allure Ghana Ltd for my hair.
It was simply beautiful.


A simple twist out clipped to the side. I was there on Friday to get the twists done (they used beeswax, instead of gel as I see with most people. And attached a metal clip to each end so they hung down quite nicely. Bye bye shrinkage! I sat under a hood dryer for a couple of minutes till the twists were dry).
Early Saturday morning- make up and hair. They undid the twists and pinned the back and one side. I absolutely loved the end result.

Would be trying this out again soon enough.

By the way, 4 days to my hairs 1 year natural anniversary 🙂

Bantu Knot-out

I decided to try something new inspired by Naprural85’s video on YouTube (here)

I washed my hair with Pure Essence shea hair shampoo and deep conditioned with Shea butter.

I let my hair air dry for a bit then started twisting. I’d twist a little section and then wrap it around its base. Did this till my whole hair was done (was watching TV so I didn’t really mind the time it took).


I didn’t flat twist first as in the video.
Slept with my hair in a scarf and loosened the twists later in the evening.

Results- no definition whatsoever. I ended up with an Afro

Il try again with a gel so it would hold.

Tame That Twist

My new go-to hair style is twists.
They’re easy to do and easy to take out and also a very good low manipulation style.
A lot of people consider it a protective style but I don’t really cos my ends are still exposed. My hair isn’t long enough to put in a bun or anything so I usually just carry my twists as they are.



I’m perfectly happy with this but I realized that it may not be the best look for work (no one has openly said anything so far) and my mum has made a couple of comments about wild, untidy hair.
Thing is there was nothing to do about it (or so I thought) and at least it wasn’t a huge Afro.
I was going through one of my favorite blogs last weekend. It’s called Deep Brown Kinks by Natmane and came across a post on french braids (here) and something in my mind convinced me I could pull it off. Btw I’ve done a french braid once and it was a mistake. Couldn’t repeat after that.
So I attempted it and was quite pleased with the results ☺. I parted my twists in two and did two braids. They weren’t very even but I got the basic look right. A couple of visitors came over and liked it.
Took them down later that night, rubbed my Shea butter mix into my hair, concentrating on my ends, and re-did the braids.
I love this look. Totally works for me. It’s neat, easy to maintain and my ends are hidden.


Wedding Fever

It’s my sisters wedding in 2 weeks. Yayyyy! I’m so happy.
Have NO idea what to do to my hair though. I refuse to get a weave or do braids.
Been looking for ideas from my trusted friend, Google. Gotten some that look ok but I’m still not sure.
Luckily, I would be wearing a gele (pronounced gay-lay. A traditional head wrap worn by women in Nigeria as part of their traditional attire) for most of the engagement ceremony.
It’s just the white wedding I have to bother about. And I’m the chief bridesmaid so I know I would get a whole lot of grief if I do something my mum and aunts don’t like.
I trust il figure this out eventually. I have no choice really.

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