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Amazing Henna

As I said in the previous post, I did a henna treatment last weekend.
The thing is henna usually leaves my hair extremely dry and straw like. But I kinda figured that’s how it was supposed to be before deep conditioning.
So as usual, I sifted the henna and mixed with green tea. Covered with cling film and went to work. I do this on Friday morning so that its ready by the time I wash my hair after work. I just add honey and conditioner to it.
This time however I was going through CurlyNikki and saw someones comment about coconut milk in henna so I googled it and came across a couple of sites that explained it. Basically, you can use coconut milk (instead of tea or lemon or whatever) to mix your henna. The lactic acid in the coconut milk allows the henna to release its dye. Since I’d already mixed my henna with tea, this is what I did when I got home:

*Washed my hair with Natures Essence tea tree shampoo
*Patted dry with an old t-shirt and parted into 4 sections secured by butterfly clips
*Added coconut milk (about half a cup), 1 cup of V05 conditioner and 1 tablespoon each of Avocado, Olive and Grape seed oil to the Henna and mixed thoroughly
* I applied the mix to each section. Parting the sections and coating my hair from root to end until my whole head was covered * Wrapped it up with cling film and went to bed
* The next morning, I rinsed out majority of the henna by dunking in a tub full of water. My hair felt really good- soft and silky. No signs of straw
* Deep conditioned with Mane & Tail Deep Moisturizing conditioner, honey and avocado oil. Wrapped in cling film and left it on for about an hour. * Rinsed out, detangled in 6 sections
* Dried with an old t-shirt
* Applied Mane & Tail hair strengthner leave-in conditioner, some oil and shea butter in that order (the LOC method) * twisted my hair in 6 sections and allowed to air dry



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