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Faux Locs :-)

Guess who’s got locs now?

Meeeeeee!!!!! *jumping around excitedly*

Well they’re not real locs. These are tres cute faux locs. I spent the new year holiday in the home of my forefathers aka Ghana.

I was directed to a salon by the person I’d seen the style on (weirdest thing- I have NO CLUE the name of the salon. All I know it was in a Total filling station close to Spintex road).

I should mention I’d taken out kinky twists, washed and deep conditioned on the 30th of December and had been going around in 5 huge braids hidden under a scarf.
The night before my salon appointment, I dampened the braids and rubbed Shea butter through my hair. Then covered with a disposable shower cap which I didn’t remove till I got to the salon, at which point my hair was humid and easy to work with. I did this cos I wasn’t sure if the stylists knew how to handle natural hair so this sorta makes the job easier for them.

Back to the salon. I sat in a very comfy chair and the stylist got to work. She loosened each braid, spraying with water, combing through with a wide tooth comb and then stretching with a blow dryer set on low heat. All this was done with no input from me. I always find it so fascinating how all 4 salons I’ve visited in Ghana so far have stylists that know at least the basics of treating natural hair while their Nigerian counterparts are pretty clueless. That’s a story for another day.


Yayyyyyy my hair has grown. Whooooop!!!!!

She then did ‘pick and drop’ and ‘zipped’ my hair using kinky extensions. Pick and drop is a popular style where hair extensions are braided with your hair only to a certain length of about 1 inch and the the rest of the extension is left loose. Zipping (a new concept I just learned) is when the stylist sorta compresses your hair while braiding with extensions so your hair length is much shorter than usual. More on that when I understand it.

Each braid was then wrapped in more kinky extensions (threading technique) until the full length is covered.



Locs complete.

To style it, she basically freestyled it by twisting the locs over themselves and wrapping them securing by sewing them with a needle and thread.

Final result:




I absolutely looove this style.
I’ve even got a number of people coming up to me to compliment me 🙂

Maintenance- the stylist said to use products sparingly in order to avoid build up and I should clean and change the style after a month. Seems its a long term kinda thing. Would see how it goes


Spotted any interesting protective styles lately? Let me know.


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5 thoughts on “Faux Locs :-)

  1. Heyy. Can you remember where the salon is now? I need to make locs and i don’t want to go to any salon where I’ll be mislead

    • Hi
      This salon is at Baatsona Total filling station on Spintex Road, Accra
      They’re not real locs though
      If you want real locs, go to Twists n Locs salon at Osu. Don’t know the exact address

  2. thats my aunts salon she use to do hair in london, shes in the background of your picture lool

  3. Laura on said:

    Place do you have their number

    • Unfortunately I don’t but most salons do it now. Check Black Cotton (just google them). They’re in Dzorwulu (dunno how to spell that)

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