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Snip snip

A lot of backdated posts coming this way ☺

I finally trimmed my hair last month and best of all, I did it myself. Thanks to some tips from you tube and this post here by Omozo of O’Naturals

I twisted my hair and had that in for about a week. Then I got a new pair of hair scissors from my brothers barbing kit and got to work.

As usual, I sectioned my hair (still in the twists) into I think 6 parts using ouchless hair ties and then worked on one section at a time. I’d pull out a single twist and then secure it between two fingers with about an inch (stretched out length, not curly) of hair poking out at the tip then snip go the scissors.

I did this until I’d worked on each section. Wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be so Yayyyy.

I went from




But then I loosened the twists and did a bunch of stuff to my hair (more on that later) so the next time I twisted my hair (about a week ago), I once again had scraggly ends.

Luckily I was at Twists & Locs Salon so they trimmed it.

And all was well with the world again.



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