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Hair pins

For the past 6 weeks, my hair has been in kinky twist. I really enjoyed having them in. Extremely low maintenance- I just sprayed my roots with a mix of avocado oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, glycerin and water (All oils courtesy Vanity Oils
But eventually, I just really missed my own hair. So I took out the twists.
Started on Thursday (just took out the back cos of work on Friday), went on to Friday and the early hours of Saturday. I was really tired after work on Friday so I really took my time loosening the twists. I loosened it in sections and then braided the section when I was done. Then I went straight to bed.


On Saturday morning I took out each braid, put some V05 conditioner on it and detangled with a wide tooth comb. After this, my hair was in 3 sections.


Headed to the shower to attempt washin my hair in sections once again. Didn’t pan out. So I gave up on that, washed as usual and then applied my deep conditioner (mayonnaise, honey and avocado oil). I put on my plastic shower cap and then put cotton wool at the edges to handle drips and wrapped in a towel. I left it that way for about 2 hours then cowashed. Detangled again and braided in sections. I let that air dry and in the evening I loosened each braid and put in Bantu knots (I two strand twisted and then wrapped the twist around itself). I used my Shea butter mix on each section before twisting.




Reality (Monday morning)


The situation was quickly salvaged by a multitude of hair pins (God bless whoever created them)


Not a good start to the week


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3 thoughts on “Hair pins

  1. Where are ya?? come back!! 😦

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