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Goodbye Dandy

I recently got my hair done in kinky twists and I loooove them. They’re shorter than I usually do them but the length has grown on me.


Some background info about me and braids or twists- EVERY single time I’ve gotten my hair done in braids or twists, I got dandruff. Every single time. Anytime between a day and 2 weeks after I get them done.
As you can imagine, this has been extremely annoying to say the least.

But guess what?
I’ve had these twists in for 2 days and no sign of the pesky flakes of annoyanceness (I’ve permitted myself to form new words).

Thanks to Vanity Oils I found a solution.

Right after I got my hair braided, I made myself a mix. In my spray bottle I added avocado oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil and distilled water (distilled just seems safer, il get the exact reason later).
I spray this mix into my hair, focusing on my scalp up to the point my own hair stops in the twist (no point wasting the goodness of my mix on fake hair that won’t be affected). I do this at least once a day, sometimes twice.

The mix may not look like the nicest thing on earth but it obviously agrees with me. Yayyyyy!!!


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