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Therapy Wrap

One of my newest and most awesome purchases is the Bella Nutri hair therapy wrap
It’s basically a portable steaming cap. I got it online from Amazon and it cost $30.


And it’s pink (Yayyyyy!!!!)
It’s made up of a simple head wrap, with a tail for tightening it up, and silicone gel packs in pockets.


I use it every time I deep condition (every 1 or 2 weeks). After washing my hair, I apply a deep conditioner of my choice and cover my head with a disposable plastic cap (available from Vanity Oils in packs of 20).
I then get the wrap heated using the microwave in six 15 second intervals. I put it on my head over the plastic cap and leave on for about 30 minutes.



I rinse out my hair afterwards and style as usual.


After each use, I take The gel packs from the wrap and clean with a damp cloth. Then I wash the wrap itself.

Its made deep conditioning sessions so much easier and quicker. I definitely recommend this product.


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