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Tame That Twist

My new go-to hair style is twists.
They’re easy to do and easy to take out and also a very good low manipulation style.
A lot of people consider it a protective style but I don’t really cos my ends are still exposed. My hair isn’t long enough to put in a bun or anything so I usually just carry my twists as they are.



I’m perfectly happy with this but I realized that it may not be the best look for work (no one has openly said anything so far) and my mum has made a couple of comments about wild, untidy hair.
Thing is there was nothing to do about it (or so I thought) and at least it wasn’t a huge Afro.
I was going through one of my favorite blogs last weekend. It’s called Deep Brown Kinks by Natmane and came across a post on french braids (here) and something in my mind convinced me I could pull it off. Btw I’ve done a french braid once and it was a mistake. Couldn’t repeat after that.
So I attempted it and was quite pleased with the results ☺. I parted my twists in two and did two braids. They weren’t very even but I got the basic look right. A couple of visitors came over and liked it.
Took them down later that night, rubbed my Shea butter mix into my hair, concentrating on my ends, and re-did the braids.
I love this look. Totally works for me. It’s neat, easy to maintain and my ends are hidden.



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