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Wedding Fever

It’s my sisters wedding in 2 weeks. Yayyyy! I’m so happy.
Have NO idea what to do to my hair though. I refuse to get a weave or do braids.
Been looking for ideas from my trusted friend, Google. Gotten some that look ok but I’m still not sure.
Luckily, I would be wearing a gele (pronounced gay-lay. A traditional head wrap worn by women in Nigeria as part of their traditional attire) for most of the engagement ceremony.
It’s just the white wedding I have to bother about. And I’m the chief bridesmaid so I know I would get a whole lot of grief if I do something my mum and aunts don’t like.
I trust il figure this out eventually. I have no choice really.


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Fever

  1. I think you might be able to use some sort of a comb for the white wedding. Or multiple combs with some stones that would set off the dress and your beautiful eyes.
    Just my suggestion! Whatever you choose, you will be the most beautiful chief bridesmaid and your mom and aunty will be proud of you!

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