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Shea Hair Butter

Just in case I haven’t said it enough, I love Shea butter.
For me, it’s a miracle product. I use it for sealing, conditioning, hot oil treatments, mix it with gels and also as a body cream.
It makes life a lot easier when I mix it with other products so I don’t have a bunch of different products and get confused on when to use which.
This is where the whipped Shea butter comes in. When I started my hair journey, I came across a number of videos on YouTube on the subject. In all of them, you add your products to the Shea butter and whip with a whisk (electric or otherwise).
I’ve found an alternative.
Vanity Oils Shea butter. It’s 100% pure Shea butter, already whipped. This means it’s easier to work with.

Making a shea hair butter mix with this product makes life so much easier. It’s quick, not as expensive as buying an already made hair butter and best of all, it contains products you want.

What you need:
Vanity Oils Shea butter
Oils of your choice- I use a mix of coconut, extra virgin olive, castor, grape seed, tea tree and cedar
Aloe Vera gel (optional)
Glycerin (optional)
Anything you feel like adding basically
Mixing tool (I use the end of a rat tail comb)


Glycerin, Aloe vera gel, mix of oils (coconut, olive, castor, grape seed, cedar and tea tree)

What to do:

Add glycerin (1 tablespoon. I don’t measure but that should do), aloe Vera gel (3 tablespoons?) and oils (my oils are already mixed together. I add about a quarter of a cup) to the Shea butter.

Mix thoroughly.

The End.

It really is that easy. Takes less than 5 minutes.

The result is a soft fluffy mix that’s easy to use (Bye to hard, unyielding Shea butter).


Contact Vanity Oils by sending them a message- or calling them on 07030306302 or 07034250239


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