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The Fridge

When in doubt, head to the fridge 🙂

I’ve had twists in my hair for the past 3 weeks. Loosened them last night. Sprayed my hair with a conditioner (V05 tea tree clarifying conditioner), extra virgin olive oil and water. Sectioned in 6 parts, put on season 8 of Greys Anatomy an started loosening the twists, finger detangling as I went.
Was way too tired when I was done so I left my hair in the sections and went to bed.


My hair in sections

This morning, I attempted to wash my hair in sections. Didn’t work out so I took out the sections and washed as usual. New post later about my shampoo and conditioner find.
Then I realized I didn’t have any deep conditioner. Dilemma. So I headed to the fridge. Got a bowl and mixed in mayonnaise and honey. Added Shea butter and coconut oil. And voila, I had my deep conditioner.


Got it in my hair. Rinsed it out after an hour and plaited my hair into 4. Took out the plaits later in the evening when I was going out and put my hair in a puff. My hairs beautifully soft and shiny. Yayyy me 🙂

Moral of the post- use things around you. Eggs, honey, mayo, avocados, bananas, apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, yoghurt. They all have great benefits for the hair. And it’s a lot easier than running to the nearest supermarket with wet hair.


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