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Can I go out like this?

There comes a time in a girls life when she looks at herself and wonders… If I see someone else in this outfit/shoes/make-up/hairstyle/shade of lipstick/combination of colors/length (or lack of) of skirt/(stopping now before this takes over the article) would I like the look?
Well that’s exactly what I’m going through right this minute. I’m attending a wedding tomorrow and well I kinda don’t wanna look like a mess. That brings me to my hair.
Its been in two-strand twists for about 2 weeks now and the twists have kinda reached breaking point so I’ve taken them out with hopes for an awesome 2nd day twist-out.
The first day doesn’t look so promising. Is that a sign of things to come? I dunno. Hopefully not though. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for fabulous hair in the morning.


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One thought on “Can I go out like this?

  1. fortune on said:

    Hw abt clearing it all……….

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