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I’m in Ghana presently and I’ve made the most wonderful discovery- a natural hair salon called Twist & Locs.
Of course I had to check it out. Was there earlier today. Took out my oh-so-tired plaits (aka cornrows. They were begging to come out), washed and conditioned my hair then twisted it.
I’d just like to say ‘its the simple things’. Compared to my last (and every other since I’ve gone natural) visit to the salon, this seemed like a fairytale.
For a natural girl in a hair salon that typically caters to relaxed hair, its easy to feel like the ugly duckling. I’m not sure what it is exactly, maybe its the way the stylists grumble/look scared/act like they’re doing you a favor or the conversation (more like debate) on why your hair is natural and how much stress it must be. It might just be the way it seems like the stylist is battling with your hair and has decided the blow dryer is her best friend. *sigh*
My experience today was therapeutic. My plaits were taken out. My hair washed and detangled so fast I couldn’t believe it. Then twisted. I loved every moment of it. Wish I lived in Ghana. Better yet, I wish someone would open up such a salon in Lagos.
So if anyone knows someone that knows someone, please make a suggestion. We natural girls would be forever grateful. Thank you Twist & Locs.


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3 thoughts on “Twist & Locs

  1. There’s a salon on Muri Okunola in Vi where they only make natural hair. Its called Gentle Touch on number 202 I think sha…. They do hair so well. Just natural hair

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