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What is VS What’s gonna be

Every time I refer to my hair, whether in my thoughts or out loud, I refer to the future.
Statements like "When my hair is so and so length it’ll be so fabulous" or "I can’t wait for my hair to be longer" and such.
It seems like I’m in this for the length. This got me thinking a whole lot.
Truthfully, my hair right now is not my favorite look and I’ll tell anyone who asks.
What if my hair is listening?
I know that sounds silly but I’m sure we all realize the importance of self perception. If I don’t feel I look great, why should anyone else? In that same train on thought, if I don’t appreciate my hair right now, can it ever be appreciated by me or anyone else?

I’ve been natural for over 3 months now but I doubt I’ve actually had MY hair out for more than 2 weeks (if its up to that). Using protective styling as an excuse, I’ve been hiding my hair from the world and from my self 😦

What if I never have long hair again? Would I turn to a relaxer then or what? When I chopped off my hair I obviously wasn’t thinking about how long my hair would be so why am I doing that now. I went natural cos I love how it looks, I fell in love with the idea of a chemical free relationship with my hair. I have that now, and I’m grateful. I don’t need a miracle growth serum for my hair before I can love it. I love it now. Always have, always will.

I’m determined to make amends.

My hair is fabulous.


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4 thoughts on “What is VS What’s gonna be

  1. yummypurpleshoes on said:

    U better go n buy dark and lovely! End the madness!!!

  2. I like how positive this post is.

    Having natural hair is such a personal thing and really requires strength in the face of the opposition we get from well meaning friends and family. I wish you the best.

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