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My natural hair journey


Its been 12 days since my BC (Big Chop). 5 months, 29 days since my last relaxer.

Last week, I treated my hair to an out-of-the-fridge deep condition. I got the recipe online at and it included mayonnaise, honey, olive oil and eggs.

It wasn’t the nicest looking or smelling concoction I’d seen and I had to put it in my hair. I put it in and kept it on for roughly 2 hours then rinsed it out. I would love to say a miracle happened and my hair was super soft or grew right in front of my eyes or something just as wonderful but we’re in the real world. I did notice though that my hair didn’t seem to be fighting with me when I combed it. And that’s a victory in my book so I’d definitely do it again.

I also tried a twist out. This involves doing two strand twists all over your hair (also known as ajankolokolo according to some friends) and leaving them on for a while then loosening them. The result is beautiful curls in your hair.

I started them on Thursday night. After washing and conditioning my hair, I let it air dry. Then I mixed leave-in conditioner with shea butter and rubbed into my hair. Then I started the twists. After I parted the bit I wanted to twist I applied a foaming wrap lotion, which is kinda like a liquidish mousse, then twisted. I got about halfway before I was unbearably tired and went to bed. I completed the rest on Friday. I loosened it on Saturday.

The result wasn’t quite as fabulous as I’d expected but it worked. Got a lot of compliments *iBlush*


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One thought on “Experimenting

  1. Aunty Abna on said:

    I think that it is stunning! I just saw this posting!! YOU ARE beautiful. I love what you have done!!! You are soooo brave! Please send me some pics so I can have them on my computer!! Love you so much,
    Aunty Abna

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