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My natural hair journey


People had crazy reactions to my hair. I knew it was a big deal cutting my hair but come on…

Apart from the typical ‘OMG! You cut you hair’ responses, I also got the following

‘Its because you’re fine. If you weren’t you wouldn’t do this’

‘This is just inconsiderate- its we, your friends, that have to look at you. You don’t have to look at yourself’

‘If you’re with a guy he wouldn’t know if he’s rubbing his head or yours’

‘I’m not happy you did this but the deed has been done so *insert bbm not talking smiley*’

‘You look like a school girl’

And from my mum, ‘I’m disappointed’. Truthfully, I wasn’t surprised at that one. I knew she really wouldn’t like it. I mean I actually hid my hair from her for a whole week before showing her.

Surprisingly, some people took it VERY calmly.

The most shocking one was probably my friend Tola. I showed her my hair and she goes ‘Oh yeah, you cut it’. The End. Lol.

My brother, Kwesi- don’t remember his exact words but it was a version of ‘Wow!!! Awesome!!!’. He can’t stop touching my hair now.

My sister, Jumie- she was just excited. Sent her pics when it was being cut so she was the first to know.

Then I got versions of ‘Yayyy!!! Finally’, ‘You look good’ and such.

Someone else said ‘I know you’ll still look pretty so it doesn’t matter’

‘You’re so lucky, a whole new look- that’s awesome’

And best of all, my dad actually SAID he loves it. Those who have met my dad know that is a HUGE deal.

All in all, I guess people just get used to it and don’t give me as much grief anymore.

A friend asked if I like it. I told her the truth- its probably not my best look but I can work with it.



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2 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Aunty…biko where is my name in this post…me that cried…fake best friend…abegi…bring the hair let me use it to do natural weavon…*talk to the hand*

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