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My natural hair journey


My hair is confused.

That’s the best way I can describe what’s going on right now. I just took out my braids and now my hair just looks like it doesn’t know what’s going on.

The relaxed part kinda looks scared like it knows what’s coming but feels that if its on its best behavior I’ll change my mind.

The natural bit, on the other hand, looks smug and satisfied. Like they know they’ve won this battle, its only a matter of time before the results are announced.

I feel bad about the relaxed bit. Victims of a war they had no choice but to partake in. They didn’t volunteer to be relaxed, they never had a choice. I (the dictator) made all the decisions and everyone had no choice but to follow orders. And now, their numbers are dwindling.

I should point out here that the place where natural hair meets relaxed is RLY fragile (I’ve read it, I’m seeing the proof). So my hair keeps breaking 😦 I can’t put up pics of the hair I’ve lost, its just too graphic for this site and tear-jerking. And so I’ve made my decision. A mercy killing. Let’s just get it over with and pick up the pieces and move on (in this case, throw them in the bin).

So I called Patrick. Tessy no longer works at the salon close to mine and Fela looks lyk the scary option (I keep imagining him with garden shears). Patricks number is switched off 😥

For a second i was really tempted to pick up a pair of scissors and wreak havoc but I simply had a lucid moment, put the scissors down and stepped very far away.

Decided to plait it instead. So bright and early tomorrow morning (by morning I mean whenever I wake up) I shall head to the salon and get my hair woven. ‘All back’ is the chosen style, obviously. And later on next week, I shall track Patrick down and he shall handle the scissors.

I can see u guys aren’t taking me seriously. No tips on how to avoid certain death from my mum if I cut my hair. This myt be my last post for all you know. You guys should help me. How do I break the news to her?


Aftermath of braids


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2 thoughts on “Blehdom

  1. fae on said:

    If you’re not too sure about making the drastic cut, how about you just cut off more of the permed hair? Plus if the problem is that the straight part seems too weak, I suggest you indulge in more protective styles and moisturise, simple twists go a long way in protecting those straight ends.

    • hi. Thank you. i have decided to cut off some of the permed bit and plan on investing in deep conditioning and hot oil treatments

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