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Chopping Dilemma

June 2nd.

That’s the date I’ve chosen. That’s the day its going down. Literally. Lol I mean my hair. 17 days from now, I’ll be wearing a new look.

I’m so nervous. Haven’t had short hair since my first year of secondary school. That ws about 12/13 yrs ago.

Trying to decide on two important issues.

1. How low can I go

2. Who would have the honor

As to issue 1, its basically between majorly trimming my hair so I’ll have about 3/4 inches or a proper low cut.

Issue 2 is extremely extremely sensitive. I dnt wanna step out of a salon resembling a disease. So I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options.

Option 1- Tessy. She’s based at a salon near my house (shorter commute if it comes out wrong). She usually handles washing n braiding of my hair and she’s trimmed my hair a couple of tyms. Not sure about her cutting skills.

Option 2- Patrick. Some people may recognize this name. He’s based at a salon in ikeja, Bobbys (its something of a hair mecca 2 a lot of girls). He seems to know wt he’s doing. The closest to being a professional.

Option 3- Fela. No, I’m not referring to the famous music legend. This Fela is my brothers barber. So he obviously knows hw 2 cut hair. But as to whether he can only handle already cut hair, I’m clueless.

I also have to find a way to convince my mum not to chop off my head if I cut my hair. Ideas anyone?

By the way, who wants to buy my hair. 100% human hair. Can’t get realer than this. You can start bidding 🙂

How I'd look with an afro


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One thought on “Chopping Dilemma

  1. huh? Ekua u really own dis blog? or am i confused? hehehh cut it! cut it! cut it!!! well as long as ur head is d right shape for it o. LoL

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