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So basically, I need products for cleansing, moisturizing, sealing

I have a question. Does going natural translate to stuff you put in/on ur hair?

If yes, then maybe this is a whole lot more difficult than I have in mind. I’ve decided a bit of everything couldn’t hurt, as 100% natural as I can though. (Random- Are there shampoos made of 100% natural products?)

I keep reading articles and they mention staying clear of shampoos with sodium laurel/laureth sulphate. Sounded easy enough.

Now I know that’s not true, wheneva I get in2 a store, I go to the hair care aisle and browse thru the shampoos. Every one of them I’ve seem has this dreaded addition. And as the first ingredient *sigh*

But then these articles also mention co-washing. This is the act of using conditioner to cleanse ur hair. Apparently all shampoos do is lift up the hair cuticles so that dirt can be broken up, lifted and rinsed out. Conditioners do that too but on a less intensive scale. Sounds good ryt? Yes but not rly. I have my doubts. For forever, my mind has been channeled to believe- Shampoo = wash, Conditioner = soften. So even if I do the co-washing thing, I dnt thnk my mind would agree with the articles that my hair is clean.

Another thing is water. Natural hair thrives on water. As often as possible. So into a misting bottle the water goes, beside the products I use everyday eg my toothbrush, so I don’t 4get (Tip from Ada). A smaller bottle I can carry around is encouraged. Mehn that’s a whole lot of water.

Glycerin is something. Lol. I dnt know what it is exactly. But I do know that its liquid and it helps soften the hair 🙂 and I can add it to the water in the misting bottle. Nice! Killing 2 birds with one stone.

If I don’t mention oil, this post wld b grossly inept. Do u have any idea how many oils are out there? Coconut, castor, jojoba, avocado, olive, etc. The list goes on for miles. They all seem to be the best thing that’s happened 2 hair. How much oil can I possibly fit into my hair? So I’m picking 3/4 and working with those. Can’t wait till my first hot oil treatment.
For sealing (ie to lock in the moisture, dnt worry I wldnt have had a clue about that either till I read up on it), I’ve decided to go with Aloe vera. What cld be more aloe veralicious than scraping out the gel from one of the plants in my back yard? I’ll let u know how that goes.

That’s about as far as I’ve thought of for products. Plenty decision making was involved. I’m not taking this lightly.

I found an article with helpful suggestions-

Pls feel free 2 drop suggestions (particularly about sulphate free shampoos) and correct me if I have no clue what I’m saying (writing)


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